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5 People NOT to invite
to a Burns Night Party

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5 People NOT to invite to a Burns Night Party

With Burns Night less than two weeks away, you're finalising the guestlist for the event of the year.
But it doesn't matter how good friends you may be with some people, there are 5 types of guests you really shouldn't invite to a Burns Night party...


It should go without saying, but on a night now as synonymous with whisky as it is haggis, tatties and neeps, you should probably restrict attendees to whisky-drinkers only. Or, at the very least, if you do choose to invite those who aren't sympathetic to a wee dram of the golden nectar, then please keep them away from 'sampling' the good stuff. The last thing anyone wants are grimaces around the dinner table following a sip of your finest single malt bought specially for the occasion...


Bob (let's call him Bob) from next door has heard you're having a little get-together for the occasion. Somehow he's managed to wangle an invitation for a glass or two before dinner (since you're nice like that). But Bob is a thirsty man and Bob happens to very much enjoy whisky. So he'll say he'll only stay only for a glass or two, sure, but somehow he'll manage to polish off an entire bottle in that timeframe. Bad move Bob, bad move...


There's a time and a place for whisky cocktails (which are really rather good) but Burns Night isn't it. Burns Night is for appreciating the skill of the Scottish spirit, and the skill of the nation's most well-known poet, rather than making mixed drinks. That would be much like insulting the Baird by remixing Robert Burns' poetry into some sort of rap song. Not necessarily a bad idea... but Burns Night is probably not the evening for it.


No. Just no. Whisky is to be sipped. To be savoured and enjoyed at a leisurely pace as the perfect partner to traditional Scottish fare. Whisky is not to be shot on Burns Night. You're not in the latest new bar, sampling the latest new-to-market arrivals. This is an at-home Burns Night party. This is a fun, but serious affair. Although, not too serious....


Because no one likes a show-off. Least of all at a party. Yes, it's fun to guess and taste different whiskies, but no one wants to spend hours "nosing" a spirit and discussing "mouth-feel" to then be told they're completely wrong and that in fact the distiller was trying to achieve a higher state of nirvana by purposefully confusing our senses (or some such nonsense...).

Whisky is a great drink. Perfect for sipping with friends and partnered with lively debate, laughter and perhaps a dash of water. Leave the tasting evenings to true experts, who don't simply refer to wikipedia as their fountain of all knowledge.

So, who should you invite? Well so long as there's you, a bottle of whisky and an open fire, we personally can't think of a more fitting tribute to Mr. Robert Burns...

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