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17 Times When All We
Wanted Was A Gin and Tonic

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17 Times When All We Wanted Was A Gin and Tonic

Sometimes, life throws you lemons.

And you should take those lemons, slice them up and throw them into a tasty G&T.
Because sometimes, the only sensible answer to life's little problems is to pour yourself a drink.

Here are 17 times when a Gin and Tonic was the only rational solution:

1. That time no one liked your photo on Instagram

2. Because you just NAILED that gym session

3. Because it's Friday and it's 5pm

4. When you discovered the dog snapchat filter, then quickly
had to remind yourself that you’re a fully-grown adult…

Drunken mistake - using the dog snapchat filter when you're a fully grown adult

5. When your 14 year old cousin starts talking about her boyfriend
and you’re 30 and still single…

6. When your drunk significant other leaves you a ‘gift’

Drunken mistake - killing things out of love

7. When your drunk significant other behaves as badly as the dog…

Drunk mistake - when your partner is as bad as the dog

8. When you simply don’t have the answers…

9. Because it’s a day of the week ending in a ‘Y’

10. When you realise you picked up the wrong ‘cereal’…
just as you poured it for the kids breakfast

Drunk mistake - when you confuse cereal for dog food

11. And when you accidentally mixed up these two items…

Drunken mistake - mixing up your toothbrush and razor

12. When you just don’t know how to feel about #Brexit

13. When wine proved to be just too tricky

Drunken mistake - opening a screw cap wine bottle wine with corkscrew

14. When you had one too many gin and tonics last night,
and made a regret purchase…

Drunken mistake - buying random things off the internet

15. When you realise the kids go back to school tomorrow...

16. When you turn up for Christmas Dinner to find your Mum started early, and has done little else other than arrange the potatoes in size order…

drunk mum lines up potatoes

17. Just, ‘cause…

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