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About Cookies


Web cookies are small bits of data that make up part of every website. Cookies send information to the user’s web browser to help improve the experience that you, the user, have on our website.

Cookies can do helpful things like:

  • Allow you to add products to your basket
  • Allow you to proceed through the checkout and purchase items
  • Identify that you are logged in, so you don’t have to re-enter your login details every time you come back to our site
  • Display product recommendations based on products you’ve previously bought
  • Keep track of items you’ve added to your basket

31DOVER uses Google Analytics to record information about who visits a website. It uses cookies to tell if you have visited the website before. We use this data to continually improve user experience on 31DOVER. No cookies stored by Google Analytics contain any personal information.

You can control cookie usage via your browser at any time; it is easy to delete previous cookie data or control future cookie interaction in all the major browsers. Do be aware that restricting the use of cookies on our website will mean you won’t be able to experience the services 31DOVER offers.

31DOVER is a completely secure website, and will never share your cookies with any third party other than the ones stated above.