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Golden Rum

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Golden Rum

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18 of 19 Items

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Golden Rum |

Golden rums take on their colouring from having aged in barrels that once contained whiskies, brandy or cognac. As a result of the ageing process, golden or ‘amber’ rums usually have a more interesting and varied profile than white or clear rums.

The mellow, more complex golden rum greatly benefits from the oak maturation. Subtle flavours of vanilla, almond, citrus, caramel, toffee and banana are imparted, although often colouring can be added to provide consistency.

These light/medium bodied golden rums are sweet and fruity, making them both excellent in cocktails as well as a sipping rum. Some golden rums taste great neat over ice, whereas others really come into their own in traditional rum cocktails such as a Mai Tai, El Presidente, Rum Runner and are the rums of choice in a rum punch. Golden rums are also popular in recipes for baking and desserts.

More affordable than aged rums, golden rums are highly versatile and a great addition to any home bar.