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Gin Fizz

Gin, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and soda water are the ingredients of the classic Gin Fizz. However, over the years many variations have evolved including:

Silver Fizz - with egg white

Gold Fizz - with egg yolk

Royal Fizz - with whole egg

Diamond Fizz - with sparkling wine or Champagne instead of carbonated water

Green Fizz - with a dash of green crème de menthe

Underrated and not everyone’s first choice, I really enjoy a Gin Fizz to get the evening underway. It’s a refreshing long drink that deserves more attention.

Gin Fizz


  • 2 measures Gin
  • 1 measure freshly squeezeed lemon juice
  • ½ measure sugar syrup (sugar 2:1 water)
  • Top up with Tonic Water
  • Lemon slice & sprig of mint to garnish

How to serve it

  • In a mixing glass, add the Gin, lemon juice and sugar Syrup.
  • Add plenty of ice and shake.
  • Strain into a chilled Collins glass.
  • Top up with Soda water.
  • Garnish with a slice of lemon and mint.

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