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From the sugarcane fields of Brazil's countryside to the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro and the fashionable bars around the world, the Caipirinha continues to be a hugely popular cocktail. It's the carnival drink!

Cachaça is Brazil's answer to Rum, but it's made with fresh sugar cane so is much more fragrant than a typical white Rum. It's also got loads more flavour, and works like a dream mixed with lime and sugar in a Caipirinha.

A really simple cocktail to make, take a few moments to watch Joe show you how.



• 1 fresh lime, cut into wedges
• 20ml sugar syrup (sugar 2:1 water) or about 3 tsp caster sugar (Brazilians use sugar as it helps grind the oil and juice out of the limes)
• 2 measures Cachaça

How to serve it

• In the base of an Old Fashioned glass, 'muddle' the limes - crush them with a muddler, spoon or the end of a rolling pin.
• Add the Cachaça, sugar syrup and crushed ice.
• Stir your Caipirinha well and serve.