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Thomson & Scott have joined the war on sugar.

What war, you ask?

Well, it is becoming increasingly evident that the naughty white granules are to blame for a whole host of health and weight issues.

And given that our favourite sparkling tipples can have up to a whopping 32g per litre of added sugar, then 3 small glasses and you’re already at your daily sugar limits. Yikes.

Thomson & Scott’s ‘Skinny’ Fizz portfolio introduces Champagne and sparkling wines for those who want to drink something beautifully crafted, but with the benefit of no or low added sugar.

skinny prosecco launch drinks

Their Skinny Champagne Grand Cru, a no sugar Champagne from celebrated producer Alexandre Penet, was the first to obtain approval from the French Champagne Association (the CIVC) to call itself “Skinny” – with absolutely zero added sugar and half the calories of a standard glass of Champagne.

But the exciting news, is the launch of their new Skinny Prosecco and spectacular magnum-size bottles. A more affordable version of the same core principle, that if you have a high quality sparkling wine you don’t need to add lots of sugar to it, Skinny Prosecco is also organic, vegan-friendly and the first Prosecco bottle to include a calorie count on the label.

skinny fizz pour into glasses at skinny prosecco launch

Currently, Prosecco remains a wholly unbranded territory. This will be the first Prosecco to break this trend and Thomson & Scott hope other major labels will follow their lead to give consumers a much clearer understanding of what it is they’re drinking. For comparison, Prosecco is usually produced in vats, with 12 to 15 grams sugar added to the grapes to aid fermentation. Thomson & Scott experimented with this ratio, decreasing the amount of sugar to just 7 grams, the lowest point at which the quality or taste of the drink isn’t affected.

skinny prosecco launch

The Prosecco, which hails from Soligo in Italy's Treviso province, is ideal for those who might be watching their waistlines, or cutting sugar intake, but have no intention of ditching the booze completely…

Whilst standard Prosecco isn’t too evil, at only 80 calories per glass, Skinny Prosecco saves you those 13 calories per glass and ditches 50 per cent of the white stuff – not too shabby.

For this reason, Thomson & Scotts Skinny Prosecco with it’s low-sugar and low-calories is a total game-changer.

And their war on sugar?
Well, it’s only just begun… Skinny cocktails here we come.

skinny prosecco launch skinny fizz biscuits

food served at launch of skinny prosecco

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